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Geoproming ltd

Adr: Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1
20350 Metković, Croatia

Tel: +385(0)20681145
Fax: +385(0)20681817


PIN (OIB): 88203028794
Bank account (IBAN): HR22 2330003 1100095804


The company is qualified to carry out the most demanding construction projects from planning based on urban plans, conducting investigations and advising investors of all types of surveying services for the preparation of project documentation, obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for construction, preparation of preliminary, main and detailed design of the project, selecting the most optimal decision making and investment plans, supervision of construction and installation works, as-built design of the building, obtaining use permits and registration of building in the cadastre and land registry.

Geoproming ltd is able to realize:
- Architectural project
- Structure projects-static
- Surveying projects
- Electrical and automation projects
- Heating, cooling and ventilation projects
- Projects of water supply, drainage, sewage and wastewater treatment plant
- Road projects
- Geological and geotechnical testing of soil

Our services in surveying include:
- Parcellation of land
- Special geodetic lining
- Registration of buildings in cadastre and land registry
- Construction staking
- Geodesic situational plans
- Monitoring the movement and deformation
- Hydrographic survey of the sea, rivers and lakes
- Marine surveying, the coastal and offshore
facilities recording

Our services in civil engineering include:
- Design and supervision of construction (architecture, structural design, water, sewage, electricity and telecommunication)
- Design and supervision in civil engineering (highways, state, county and other roads with the following objects-bridges, underpasses, suporting walls, slopes, sidewalks, sewer, cable laying, public lighting and the telecommunication ducts)
- Design and supervision of water-management structures and systems (regulation of rivers and torrents, faecal, storm sewers and wastewater tretment plants, water supply systems and drinking water purifiers)
- Design and monitoring of marine facilities (port and marina with accompanying infrastructure-supporting concrete walls, piers, docks, access roads and walkways, water, sewage, electricity, telecommunication)
- Mechanical resistance and stability of buildings

Our services include complete
low and medium voltage electrical installation:
- Transformer substation, aggregate and uninterruptible power supply
- Electricity distribution (cable and rail distribution, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, electric motors and generators, reactive power compensation)
- Automation, remote monitoring and control
- Telecommunication network (LAN, video surveillance, public address system, central monitoring system with intrusion, fire and gas alarm)
- Distributive telecommunication ducts and telephone installation
- Earthing, lightning protection and equipotential bonding of metal mases